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One open box of Gatecrash pre-release kits. The kits themselves are all still sealed, the box itself is open so photos can be taken and so contents can be verified. This product is so old that the sticker on the side has faded from either rubbing against other boxes in storage or from exposure to UV indoor light. 

Each kit has 5 Gatecrash booster packs and one theme booster in clear cellophane wrap which can contain cards from the Return to Ravnica block. I think you can get cards from RTR, Gatecrash, and Dragon's Maze in these guild packs, but I cannot remember 100%. Either way, there are 30 packs to open in this product along with dice, and this will give you as good a draft experience as any other kind of Magic item from this era of the game. 

Gatecrash Pre-release Kit (5 themed Guild kits)

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