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Two complete Cycles of the Warhammer Conquest LCG. This listing is for the Warlord and Planetfall cycles. You'll get a single warpack of each of the following sets: Zogwort's Curse, Howl of Blackmane, The Threat Beyond, Deadly Salvage, Boundless Hate, What Lurks Below, The Final Gambit, Gift of the Ethereals, Wrath of the Crusaders, Decree of Ruin, The Scourge, and Descendants of Isha. 

Each Warpack contains the SAME cards as any other warpack of the same name. You should not buy 2 of the same kind unless you want duplicate decks or plan to trade one or need extras for some reason. A base game is also rwquired to play the game correctly as the warpacks do not contain all the items needed for the game apparently. This is a common thing in the Living Card Game design from Fantasy Flight.

Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG Warlord and Planetfall Cycles (12 Warpacks in total)

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